Our family got some unexpected news on Friday. My brother, a recently furloughed UPS pilot, has accepted a position with National Airlines flying military supply out of Germany. The job opportunity, offer and acceptance all occurred in less than a 24 hour period. The job is good news, their new residence is what I don’t like; Nick, his wife Meredith and my nephew Jake are all moving to Germany. The plan is that this move isn’t permanent. The move will be for six months for up to three years, depending on the military contracts, Nick’s job at UPS, and what they determine is best for their family. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t saddened by this and hadn’t already shed a few tears. Nick leaves Monday night and Meredith and Jake will be leaving sometime in October. My sadness is purely selfish. I like having my family close by. We all live in about a 2.5 mile radius and while we might go several weeks without seeing each other, there is comfort in knowing we can easily make an impromptu walk in the neighborhood or family dinner happen. I think having kids is making this harder for me. Seeing our children grow up together is one of the benefits of living so close. I like the thought of cousins having a close relationship. Jeremy is an only child, so Nick and Meredith’s children will be Grant and Maria’s only cousins.

With everything, there is opportunity for new adventure. Hopefully, we can save enough money to take a family trip to Germany and maybe Jake can teach Grant and Maria some German words. Last night at church one of the songs we sang stated “I’m counting on God,” so that’s what I’m going to do. I pray that during this journey, they will stay safe, create lifelong memories, experience an amazing part of the world, and return to Louisville in short order. Their time away will go by faster than we ever imagine it could. We never know where life will lead us, so enjoy the ride!

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