I (foolishly) had agreed to work the first five days straight when I returned home from vacation. I know you are probably thing, so what?, everyone works a full week when returning. What I hadn’t considered when doing this was that there would be the three hour time difference to adjust to ALONG with working second shift (3p – 11:30p). I was exhausted by the last day, because we also have been practicing getting up early for school which starts 8/30. Ryan will be starting 9th grade, and the bus is estimated to pick him up at 6:30AM. I feel better now that the last few nights I didn’t have to work I could go to bed around 11pm. When I work, I can’t fall asleep much before 1:30AM – 2AM, and this doesn’t bode well when you have to get up the next morning between 5:30AM – 6AM. Believe me, EVERYONE appreciates it when I can sleep! I almost feel like when the kids were babies and I was getting up every couple of hours with them. At least I don’t have diapers to contend with!

We’ve spent the last week submitting school forms online, checking bus routes, and making final purchases getting ready for the big day. They plan to spend this last true weekend of summer relaxing, except for me. Guess what I’ll be doing? Yep, you guessed right – working!

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