August 30, 1998 was a very special day for me. That is the day I married the most handsome man in the world. We have been told that he looks like Cary Elwes, in the movie Princess Bride and for me he has been my prince. We started celebrating our 12 years on Friday when we went for a dinner cruise on the Volunteer Princess. While we were on our date, we could not help but talk about all the things the twins would be excited about if they were joining us. Brian had asked when he got the tickets if the children could join us, but he was told it was for adults only. I think an anniversary date is an acceptable time to be away from your children even if they are missed.

While we were on our date our neighbor babysat for us and told us all the cute things the twins said. Julian told Natalie several times in the evening, “Daddy, on boat Inna, Daddy on boat.” When they were eating dinner Natalie fed the dogs her food and then would declare “I’m funny!” The next day I heard Julian telling Natalie she was funny. Natalie is always asking “Is that funny Mommy?” when something happens and I have to say it usually is; however, her feeding the dogs is not funny. I had thought they were not feeding the dogs anymore; but, it sounds like I still have some work to do.

Monday night, which is our actual anniversary, we are going on another date and my niece, Brooke, is going to take care of them. I cannot wait to hear what cute things they say to her. They love her so much and are looking forward to her coming over to play. Brooke works in the church nursery, so she takes care of them every time we go to church. She is such a good role model for them. We are so blessed to have her in our family!
Julian also made my day this weekend. He told me, “Thank you Mommy,” when I gave him his dinner. Everything they do just warms my heart. I know these days go by so quickly and that is why I continue to carry them when they ask me to. Yes, I often hold or carry them both at the same time. That is why I have to stay motivated to exercise so I can hold them both.

When Brian and I got married we both knew we wanted a large family. He said he wanted a basketball team, meaning five children and I thought we would be included in that five. Either way, we have been blessed with Julian and Natalie beyond measure. Our family did not come together as we had pictured it would on that wonderful day twelve years ago, but that is why I am so glad I trust in God. His plan was much better than ours and I am excited to see where He takes us in the many years to come.

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