Today I will be getting ready for my Mother’s “Memory” Birthday Party that we will have at our subdivision pool tomorrow. My Mom would have been 70 on September first. I will be making banana pudding; it is the last thing my mother ate at the hospital that I had brought to her the day before she died. She just loved it. Then I will also make the Éclair Cake that Patty taught Brian and I how to make when we visited them in March.

I have asked everyone to bring their own meat and a side dish to share, that way I will not have to make all the food. I am not much of a cook and my desserts are what I do best. Let’s face it that is always the best part of the meal anyway! I know that is how my mother felt too since she would often let me eat my dessert before my meal. Her Mother would never let her do that and she felt that being forced to eat all the food on her plate made her over eat as an adult. So she did not want her children to feel the stress she felt as a child regarding food.

The first time I met the Cassidy family I had made them my great grandmother’s sugar cookies. I was worried that Patty may not allow her children to eat sweets and she would think that I was such a bad influence on her children. I was very relieved when I saw Chad eating his dessert first and thought I fit right in.
Dessert has been a part of our family events for as long as I remember. Mother always made it a special time when I got to lick the beaters and the bowl. My prayer is that my children will have as wonderful memories of me when I am gone that I do of my Mother. Thanks be to God for giving me such a wonderful Mother who let me eat desserts before my meal! By the way I am also healthy and not overweight.


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