I am not sure what time I got to bed Friday night. The girls left early Saturday morning and we did not hear them. In fact my Aunt Nancy called us at 9am to ask us if we were still coming to the pancake breakfast at 8am that morning. Brian and I rely on our two alarm clocks to wake us up and they were not up yet either! They got to bed late due to our date night and then being in a different room, I think we were all worn out before the day even began.

We all made it to the breakfast in the pouring rain. After that we went home and I went out in the monsoon to check out the church consignment sales. When I returned Brian and I started getting ready for dinner. The girls were going to be joining us as well as the two guys from the same college. We also had my niece, Caroline’s father as well. We had all the food I had made on Friday as well as taco soup, and brownies.

Everyone enjoyed the food then the students played games while my family watched the UT football game. Natalie and Julian were shy around the students, especially Natalie. She would hide her face in me or her blanket. Soon the twins could not take anymore. I took them upstairs and we got ready for bed. The UT game was delayed over an hour due to weather so we decided to go to sleep and let Brian and the rest of our company find their own way to bed.

Our alarm clocks went off on time on Sunday so I was in the kitchen when the girls got ready to go. The pastries I had purchased on Thursday night Brian had put in the pantry so Natalie would not cry for them. When I went to get them Sunday morning for the girls they were filled with ants!!!!! The girls were so understanding and were just as happy with cereal. Natalie really opened up to them and just chatted away and Julian was the shyer one, until I asked the children to give kisses to them. Julian “let” them all give them good bye kisses. We hated to see them go, but were so glad that we got to spend the time we did with them. They thought the twins were so well behaved and just went on and on about them. I told them the special way the twins came into this world, so I hope they also learned something new from us as well.

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