This weekend Ryan is attending a biking trip to Martha’s Vineyard with the Boy Scouts. It was an incredible deal ($60 including ferry transfers, bike and helmet rental, food and misc. expenses), so I wanted him to take advantage of the opportunity. He’s been very into biking since the Springtime. My father in-law is an avid biker, and would take Ryan and Joel to the bike paths near our house for hours at a time. Ryan and Joel have been racing each other up and down our 1/4 mi. long driveway, so he’s in great shape for this trip.

I had considered being the “Mean Mom” and not letting him attend because of the Labor Day fiasco, telling him the money he spent on that would have paid for the trip, but in the end even I couldn’t be that mean. I had taken his wallet away that weekend as a consequence, with the explanation that he could have it back when he could spend his money responsibly. I even considered making him pay for the entire trip, but in the end I relented, paid the $60 fee, and told him he will be responsible for any other costs involved. He was sent with $40 of his own to use as spending money. Anyone with children knows that if they are spending their own money they usually think twice prior to making a purchase.

Yesterday before the designated drop off time, we double checked his gear, and headed off to meet the others attending. As we are driving down our driveway, he turned to me and said “Thanks Mom for letting me go on this trip. I really appreciate it.” It was on of those AH moments in parenting, when you know you have finally instilled a lesson or value in your child. Although it was a hard lesson for him to learn, the important thing is that he did.

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