The twins and I took advantage of a free day of putt-putt near where we live. I had them take their own putters, since last time Julian had a melt down after he had to give back the putter he was using. With putter in hand off we went for a fun day of putt-putt. I started off well, with a hole in one and Julian got it in three strokes. After about the sixth hole I stopped keeping score. My strokes just continued to go up, since I did not have my husband, putt-putt champion, to assist me on where to hit the ball. (Brian won a small scholarship from a putt-putt competition for his college tuition.) So, I have decided I need to start the twins early, so they can get a full ride to college.

We still have a bit of practice to do, but I would say Julian is well on his way to give his Dad a bit of competition. Natalie is a runner and does not stay at the hole long, so we may need to think about track for her. Or she is just going to have to make all holes in one. Never the less, she is very supportive when Julian and I do not make the putt, she gives us words of encouragement such as: “try again,” and “good try.” Due to Natalie’s marathon while Julian and I putted, she was a bit exhausted at the end. They had such a great time that I decided to get out Dad’s mini putting green so we can putt all day if we like.


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