September 28th was the day we had been waiting for.  This was the end of our wait to see if we had any clingers.  During the previous 11 days I obeyed doctors orders and didn’t do any strenuous activity; I limited my workouts to casual walks in the neighborhood with our dog, Charlie.  Work was relatively calm and the time actually passed quite quickly.  A few people who knew about our transfer asked if I felt pregnant and my answer was that I wasn’t sure.  The drugs I was on didn’t make me feel normal, so it could have been the medicines making me feel “off” or it could have been the beginning of a major construction project in my lower abdomen.  The only thing that was definitively different was my appetite.  I just wasn’t that hungry and got full very quick…two things that are VERY abnormal for me.  My appointment to have blood drawn was at 7:45 a.m. and I woke up on my own around 6:00.  Knowing that my ability to concentrate would be in the toilet and not wanting to get bad news at work, I arranged to work from home.  I got ready and started to get worried when I started cramping…not what I wanted to feel.  I prayed more fervently than I think I ever have.  Jeremy came home before going to the gym for my injection and knowing how anxious I was rode with me for my blood test.  My test was quick and I was home by 8:30.  The lab technician said results would be sent to Knoxville by 1:00; so began the longest part of our wait.  For the next seven hours I would wait.  I would jump every time my cell phone rang and I looked to see if it was from the 865 area code.  I had a minor distraction due to an employee’s positive drug test and issue with his subsequent rehab.  I got all that worked out and continued to wait.  The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful, so at lunch I took Charlie out for a calming walk.  I played “Desert Song” by Hillsong over and over again.   The lyrics “All of my life In every season You are still God I have a reason to sing I have a reason to worship” spoke to me and reminded to rely upon and praise God no matter what the results.

At about 2:00 my phone rang and I fumbled to pick it up.  It was my best friend checking on me…she laughed and realized I was disappointed that it was her and not Dr. Keenan’s office.  She was thinking about us and praying for the best.  Finally, at 3:30 p.m., the phone rang and it was THE CALL.  I braced myself with my back against our front door as Jennifer asked how I was doing…”waiting for you,” I replied.  She paused and said “Well, you are definitely very pregnant.”  Really?!?  I was relieved, excited, and couldn’t believe what I heard.   She went on to tell me that the minimum number they look for is 100 to indicated positive pregnancy and mine was 362.  I commented that maybe what I felt that morning was all three in there vying for space already. She said that just because my number was so high didn’t mean we had more than one, but my gut told me there were at least two clingers.  I had a follow up test scheduled for two days later and she said they wanted to see my number increase.  Normally they wanted to see it double, but mine was already so high that any increase would be good (two days later, my hcg level was over 700).  I thanked Jennifer, hung up the phone and went to wake up Jeremy.  I don’t know that he completely came to, but I told him about the results; he smiled and said “well, that’s what we wanted.”   I sent out an update to all my prayer warriors thanking them and asking for continued prayers for the rest of our journey…we were going to need it!  In just a few weeks, dry heaving would become a part of my normal morning routine, I would lose nearly 10 pounds and look like death on a cracker as Grant and Maria tried to suck the life out of me.  Praise God!

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