I have been asked, a time or two, if Brian and I are going to have any more children. We first had to decide this about a year after the twins arrived so the NEDC would know if they should be “held” for us or put back into the embryo pool for some other blessed couple.

My OBGYN told me, while I was still recovering in the hospital from the C-section; I was not to have any more children. My pregnancy had been such an ordeal he did not want me to go through this again. I had put my life at risk having Natalie and Julian and the stakes would be higher next time. So, there was my answer, to if I was having more children or not.

But my husband wanted us to have more, so when asked by the NEDC what we were going to do, I asked Dr. Keenan to speak with my OBGYN since he knew him. Dr. Keenan got the same answer I did so while I was on vacation with the Cassidy family in July 2009, Dr. Keenan called with our answer. Brian was disappointed, but I was not.

I remembered all too well what I had gone through and even though it was worth it in the end, we do not always get the same ending twice. I have been blessed with one boy and one girl. God gave me two at once, because He knew what was best. I have sometimes questioned that, when they were infants, but now they play together well and we just have the best of times.

I have included pictures of a tea party we just hosted. Natalie and Julian made the invitations; we put them in the mail, and then waited for our guests to arrive. I am sorry to say that neither Ernie nor Big Bird could attend our high tea; however, as you can see we still had an excellent time.

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