Now that Brian and I know that we are not going to be having any more children through embryo adoption, we cannot help but think what is going to happen to the remaining embryos. We know they will be adopted by another loving couple, but it does not make it any easier to say goodbye. These feelings that we are going through may have been the same for other couples who decide to donate their embryos.

Some of our thoughts are will our relationship with the Cassidy family change once another family is involved as well? We are like the first child who will one day have to realize that the world does not revolve around them when a second child comes into the family. When will that day come? Even though part of us wants the Cassidy family to ourselves we know that another family will just bring more love to our lives. We are praying for the next family who adopts the Cassidy embryos and who knows, you may be reading this right now!

Julian and Natalie are the most precious children in the world to me and I know whoever the next family is will be immensely blessed as we have been. Some gifts in life just keep on giving. This is one gift that I am now happy to say I will have a small part in giving to another infertile couple who has longed for a family just like Brian and I did for so many years. Thanks be to God for embryo adoption/donation and for giving me the opportunity to be a part of both aspects of this process.



  1. Marti,

    It does sound as if you are feeling some of the same emotions that we did. We were concerned about how things would work out, and you never know for sure until all is said and done if you have made the right decision for all those involved.

    I’ve thought about it a few times since I knew the possiblity existed that you and Brian may choose not to have any more children. Please be reassured you and yours will always have a very special place in ours lives.

    I liked your analogy of the second child coming along and the adjustments that result in the family dynamics. I would like to think that another family as wonderful and caring as yours will be the lucky ones, but you’re a hard act to follow. Whomever is chosen will be offered the same, and it would be nice if a relationship could be established between all parties if they are willing; primarily for the sake of any children that result.

    Deciding that you are done adding to your family was almost like expereincing infertility in the respect that it feels like a loss. You are making a decision that signifies yet another stage in your life is passing.

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