I would say our day started out bright and early, but the bright part would be a lie. We had a 6am flight (EST), so the alarm started going off around 3am. We left for the airport a little after 4am, and it is quite dark at that hour. We were fortunate to be early enough to miss the rush hour traffic that Hartford is notorious for, parked our vehicle with ease at one of the shuttle services, and found ourselves checking in with the airlines ahead of schedule. That all changed once we hit the lines for the security check. We had decided to take our suitcases as carry-ons, because we were traveling light, and didn’t want to run the risk of having a suit or dress for the wedding go missing. That meant that we would have liquids, and I thought I had packed them in a quart size sealable bag, but it was a gallon, and TSA had a field day. They sent Jim on a wild goose chase for a bag at any one of the airline counters, but there weren’t any. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have them there at security, even if you had to pay for it? Needless to say, I argued that you could clearly see the amount of items would fit in a smaller bag (2 travel size cans of shaving cream, a tube of acne cream, a lip gloss, bottle of nail polish and one travel size body wash). No dice, it was pitched.

After that aggravation, I thought we would be all set. The weather wasn’t great (it had been pouring for a day or so and was still raining), but the flight wasn’t delayed. That is until we were all boarded, than an announcement was made that we would be delayed 20 – 30 minutes due to the inclement weather. We had a small plane for the flight to Cleveland, and we were warned to expect turbulence. The pilot wasn’t kidding; a few minutes into the flight it felt like we had taken a drop on a roller coaster! I thought for sure I was going to be sick, but after we leveled out and it became smoother I was fine. All the turbulence was a result of bad weather, and these conditions complicated matters by delaying our arrival. Our connecting flight was scheduled for 9:25am, and our ETA was 9:30am. We had never been in this airport, so the layout was unfamiliar. We knew we had to go from Concourse A to Concourse C, and we decided I would take all our small carryon bags we had stowed under the seats, along with Joel and Chad in the stroller. Jim and Ryan were waiting to collect the bags from the overhead compartments, and literally ran to the Concourse with them in tow. Needless to say, we were the last ones to board, but we were just happy we had made it. What I forgot to mention earlier was that the sampler I had cross stitched for a wedding present was part of the carry on items. Once framed, it was approximately 22″ square, in a protective cardboard box.

We somehow managed to arrive in SF ahead of schedule, and after collecting our rental car, we were off on our adventure. We decided to check into our hotel in San Bruno and drop off our bags first. Afterwards we met up with my in-laws at Brian’s old condo on Union Street. We actually passed Karen on our way there, she was running a couple of last minute errands, so we just said a quick hello. We went out to grab some lunch at Pier 39 with Mr. C and Marianne, check out the sea lions and do a little shopping. We dropped them off after a couple of hours and headed back to our hotel in San Bruno. We decided we would stop at a Rite Aid drug store which was right near our hotel, so we could replace the items that TSA had confiscated. I also wanted to look for some kind of fancy hair clip to pin my hair up with incase I couldn’t manage a French Twist that was neat. This took about an hour. That store had everything from groceries to fishing gear to knitting and cross stitch items (which I had to take a peek at) to a full 2 aisles of liquor, the hard stuff, not just beer and wine (that was in a separate aisle). I had trouble finding the acne cream of all things, because the aisles were so long, I didn’t see it in the middle. After 2 calls on my cell phone to find out were I was (really, did Jim think I had left through the back door?), we went to the hotel to crash. We had the better part of the next day to ourselves until we had to meet for rehearsal at Cavallo Point in Sausalito at 4pm with the rehearsal dinner to follow. We were looking forward to this, because all of the relatives from both in Town as well as out would be gathering for the meal. This was going to be the first time I would meet about two thirds of Jim’s extended family. All of the Cassidy Clan is spread out across the US, and the other third I had met at our wedding 20 yrs prior.


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