Even though Grant and Maria are genetic siblings and spent seven years frozen in a straw together and seven months in my uterus side by side, they are very different. Besides the obvious differences in the way they the look, they have many other different traits.

Eating: Maria is more finicky. She was adamant awhile back that she didn’t like bottles. Only when we switched to a faster flow nipple did she stop protesting. Additionally, if she’s too tired or overly stimulated she won’t take her bottle. This is one reason why I try to work my schedule so they only get two bottles a day. It’s also not uncommon for her to leave an ounce or two. Grant will eat whenever, wherever. He also works under the same premise that our dog does, which is he’ll eat as much as you give him because if it’s too much, he can always throw it up later. Lately Maria has been too busy “talking” to focus on nursing and often nurses for half the time as Grant. She looks up and tells me all about her day whereas Grant focuses on filling his ever-expanding Buddha belly.

Sleeping: Grant goes to sleep easier, but has more trouble staying asleep. Maria fights bedtime tooth and nail, but once asleep she doesn’t readily wake up during the night except once to eat. Grant is more likely to stir and not be able to settle himself back down without a pacifier, rocking or nursing; Maria will sometimes talk and coo while she falls back to sleep after nursing. The one area where they are the same is the need to be swaddled to sleep. Both cannot sleep for any length of time if they aren’t snugly wrapped. I’m encouraging Jeremy to help them wean off the swaddle, but he says he’s not opposed to using bed sheets, if necessary.

Physical Milestones: Grant is ahead of Maria in physical development. He can readily hang out on his tummy and lift his head and has rolled over. Maria despises tummy time and has not rolled yet, even though she’s close. She prefers to spin herself in circles while on her back. Grant has found his feet and is super pumped about this. Maria has found one foot, but isn’t all that impressed with this achievement. Grant prefers his bouncy seat to the Bumbo seat because he can grab his feet. He also has an impressive arch, which he uses to try to propel himself backward off the changing table making diaper changes a bit challenging. I think he’s going to be the first to crawl and walk. Maria is going to observe first and make sure it’s worth doing, which is a lot like my personality.
People: Maria doesn’t like people, or rather, only likes a few people. This trait will one day make her a good Human Resources professional like her mother. (Side bar note: if you are ever interviewing for an HR job and they ask why you want to be in HR, don’t say it’s because you like people. It’s a huge turn off.) Maria’s very smiley and friendly with those she knows well, but is wary of new situations and strangers; again a trait that I embody. Grant just loves people and is a total ham. If he’s unhappy with a lot of people around it’s only because he’s hungry or tired. Otherwise, he’s going to easily make friends and thinks that everyone is great. Jeremy always made friends easily. When we were in college we could walk across campus together and he knew tons of people, where I only knew one or two people.

It’ll be interesting to see how their differences play out as they get older. Hopefully, they don’t pool their resources and use their different strengths to conspire against us.

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