We were excited to get going and found ourselves up, ready and out the door by 8:30AM. (It helped that it was Pacific time!). Jim said he wanted to pick up a camera, and that he had packed the wrong pants for the rehearsal dinner that night. They weren’t a great match to the shirt he had, and since we knew there would be lots of picture taking, we decided to find a Target, Kohl’s or some such store to take care of both things at once. We drove around for a while looking ourselves, and finally stopped to ask for directions. We were told there was a mall a couple of blocks away. It was nice to see some of the area. I really enjoy driving and walking through residential areas while vacationing to see how people live in other areas.

We found the mall, and I hit the Lego store first with the boys so Jim could go into Filene’s. He was shocked that the least expensive pair of pants he could find were $50.00. I told him this is what happens when you don’t hit the sales and wait until you need something. He next experienced sticker shock when he went to the shoe department and found that the least expensive pair of boat shoes was $75.00. I told him not to pack the night before anymore, make his purchases and let’s hit the road. He bought the pants, and decided he would look for shoes in a few shoe stores we had seen listed on the directory. While he did this, I wandered around the mall with the boys. Jim didn’t have any luck in the shoe stores, so we ended up looking in Sears. He found shoes for $40, (just what he wanted), and I suggested we see what they had for pants. We found a pair he liked on sale for $25.00. He was thrilled with his bargain. We made our way back through the mall to buy the camera. While he did this, he made his return at Filene’s, and the boys’ and I picked up lunch for us all. We ate while he bought the camera, and FINALLY, four hours later, we were ready to have a few hours of fun.

I had suggested we take all our belongings we would need for the rehearsal dinner with us so we would be able to stay in the city. (It was about an hour commute, depending on traffic, which there always was no matter the time of day or night. We think it was from being in close proximity to the airport). We headed into San Fran, taking the scenic route along the Embarcedero past Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, and because it was close to the time we would have to meet everyone in Sausalito, went directly to Cavallo Point. Cavallo Point is part of Fort Baker, and it is my understanding that this was an old Army base which has been transformed into a recreational center. The Officer’s housing has been transformed into rooms for guests, and there is a restaurant, and banquet facility on the premises. This is the location for the wedding and reception. The rehearsal dinner was to be held here, but there was a conflict with scheduling at the last minute, so it was moved off sight. Many guests opted to rent some of the afore mentioned rooms, which made it nice that they could walk (or stumble?) back to their rooms instead of drive.

We changed our clothes and meet Brian and Karen for the rehearsal. It went smoothly, and afterwards we all gathered in the bar, and all of the extended family from out of town meet us there. It was a great opportunity to meet and mingle with Jim’s family. Many of them I had never met because everyone lives so far away from the East Coast. After a few cocktails, we headed into Sausalito for the rehearsal dinner. I knew some family would be there, but what I hadn’t realize was that Brian and Karen had invited all of her family and the entire Cassidy clan. We must have had 40 people gathered. It was a great time, and it had the festive atmosphere of a wedding. After 4 hours, Chad had had enough, and once he finished his dessert announced it was time to leave. We headed out, ready for a good nights sleep in preparation for the BIG DAY!

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