Tomorrow we are going to Boo at the Zoo with our twin friends. Their first Halloween they were pumpkins then the next one Julian was Tigger and Natalie was Piglet. I thought of many different things I wanted the twins to be but I found a Thomas the Train outfit I was sure they both would love. Patty had given Julian a book about an engineer that came with a hat and scarf, so I thought Natalie could be Thomas and Julian the engineer. Neither one of them wanted to be Thomas. So that is what I will be this year and Dad will be the engineer.

I then came home with chick outfits. When I brought it home for Julian to try on he just cried and cried. Brian said it was like the Christmas Story movie where the little boy got a bunny outfit for Christmas and his Mother made him wear it. So I decided I was not going to be that Mother, and would not make Julian wear the chick costume. Instead he is going to be a chick magnet while Natalie is a chick.

I found an iron on that says “Chick Magnet” and then I made a few chicks to put on the shirt as well. I hope they will both cooperate with these outfits, but when I tried Natalie’s on she just did not want to put the hat on. It will be interesting to see how they do this year.

One thought on “TIME FOR BOO AT THE ZOO

  1. I think I will be that mother for the next couple of years. we love Halloween and dressing up. Last year mine were pirates and this year is Batman and Robin.

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