Boo at the Zoo was so much fun. The children enjoyed being with their friends and seeing all the festivities. Smokey the Dog, the University of Tennessee mascot, was there and Julian just laughed and laughed saying, “Look at the doggie dance!” Lots of people were dressed up but I have to say the elephants were a big hit with my children.  Julian got an elephant mask and Natalie received a giraffe mask, which they both found fascinating.

Their outfits were a hit. Everyone thought Julian looked so cute as a chick magnet and then thought it was perfect when they saw a chick (Natalie) with him. Their friends were so cute as well, they are identical twins and were dressed as Woody, from the movie Toy Story.

It is so nice for my children to have these boys as friends. Julian told me the other day that he wanted a picture of them on our fridge. We have lots of pictures of people on the fridge and he is right, we need one of them as well. Julian loves the ABC song and wants me to sing it often. Yesterday he said he wanted Jack and Regan to sing it too. I thought that was so sweet. Often times when Natalie sings the ABC song Julian will fuss and tell her that it is “his” song! Natalie also likes to sing Twinkle, Twinkle.

They have so much fun in the mornings singing and talking back and forth in their beds before I go and get them up for the day. It is such a special time to hear them interact with each other. They are such a blessing to me and I just pray they will be a blessing to others as well.

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