When my Mother died my friend who lives away sent money in lieu of flowers, as well as her Mother and her Father. She wanted me to get something that would remind me of my Mother. I thought about different things and decided on twins from the American girl doll collection. I know she would be so tickled that my twins would have their own special twin doll.

They are a boy and a girl just like Natalie and Julian. The dolls also look like them. We have thought of different names for the doll, but of course the children just call them baby. I thought we should name the girl doll Elizabeth Rose, after my mother and my friend’s last name. Then I wanted to name the boy Fay Garrett, also from my Mother and my friend’s maiden name. Brian felt this was girly and would not allow it. My Mother was named after her Grandfather; therefore Fay can be either sex. The names are still up in the air, we shall see what they end up calling them.

Julian often asks to sleep in Mommy’s bed and I tell him we can cuddle in my bed, but then he has to go to his own. So, it was so sweet that when he received his twin he said he could cuddle with it. I have also heard him telling his doll that they are going out to play golf and that he wanted him to build blocks with him. So for those of you who are concerned about a boy receiving a baby, he does want to do “manly” activities with the twin.

Natalie has also been playing with her doll and Julian’s too. She tried to take the boy doll to bed with her instead of her own. When I told her she had to take her own and not Julian’s she did easily give the boy doll over to Julian. I can see a day when she tries to completely take the boy doll and give Julian the girl. She loves to play with cars and trains as well as her Barbie. I guess this is what happens when you have twins of the opposite sex. They just end up playing with everything, just in a different way. Like when Julian was playing with a pan and lettuce. He used the pan as a bat and the lettuce as a ball. It is always interesting to see how they play.

What a joy they are for me to be with every day! They just laugh and giggle throughout the day together, of course they occasionally take toys from each other which causes tears, but I am glad to say that is not often! Now we are blessed to have two more very special toys to play with and to love. Thanks to the Rose, Garrett and Bruce family for such a wonderful way to remember my Mother.

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