Grant and Maria are getting big! Over the last month, Grant has really packed on the weight and I was curious to see his official weigh in today. He’s tipping the scales at 14 lbs and 3 oz and is 25 ½ inches long. Maria is 13 lbs 8 oz and 25 inches long. When looking at their adjusted ages, Maria is in the 50th percentile with weight and 75th with her height. Grant is around the 25th for his height and weight and for his chronological age isn’t on the chart yet, whereas Maria is at about the 10th percentile for girls.

Many say she looks bigger, but once you hold both, it’s obvious that he’s the thicker one. Her cheeks and chunky legs make her look like she would weigh more, but Grant is much more solid. He’s been working on developing a gut, where Maria has a slim tummy with abdominal muscles that are easily visible when she does her baby v-sits. She’s sensitive about maintaining her girlish figure, so don’t mention the fact that she has “cankles” unless you want to see her cry. Our doctor commented on how tall Grant’s head is… “look at how much head he has above his eyes!” This must be another reason Maria seems bigger; her body is longer. Grant has his extra half inch in head height instead of body. Jeremy is making use of their ever-increasing weight and decided that Grant makes an excellent dumbbell. I think we should parlay this into a series of workout videos for the busy dad. Perhaps it could be a way to start a nice college fund.

Jeremy and I can’t believe they turned 6-months old on Sunday. We were looking through pictures from July and August and are amazed by how fast they are changing; each day they learn something new and in no time they’ll be walking and celebrating their first birthday. Jeremy has preemptively said goodbye to our 30s just in case we miss it. Before we know it, they’ll be 10 and we’ll be 40…blink again and we’ll be sending them off to college.

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