Grant and Maria have experienced a few more firsts this week. Over the weekend, they got a taste of their first vegetable. Our pediatrician okayed us to try some solids which meant I had to get to work in the kitchen. I’m not a bad cook; I just don’t enjoy it that much, so I stick to quick and simple things without lots of steps. Making baby food seemed simple enough so I’d been planning on making my own, rather than buying something premade. One, it’s less expensive this way; two, it’s healthier without all the extra junk that is typically found in a jar of baby food. Butternut squash was on the menu for the babies and I was successful in my first venture into making baby food. We bibbed them up and got to business. They reacted as I suspected – their faces turned upside down and they had no idea what to do. When Grant actually got a real taste, he visibly shuddered. Maria cried and proceeded to rub her face and subsequently spread squash all over it. Saying that they actually took in a spoonful is probably being generous, however, after nursing Grant’s spit up was tinged orange, so I know they actually swallowed something. Jeremy and I found the entire event pretty amusing and we might try peas next weekend. I suspect our results will be similar — just the color of the spit up will change.

On Tuesday, they experienced their first tornado warning. Working for the local electric utility company, you get used to paying attention to the weather. I was watching the weather and outage maps all morning and knew things had the potential to get bad. I was praying for all our line technicians who would soon be working to restore power across the state and I was praying that the storms would pass quickly with limited damage. I have to say that I didn’t like being away from the babies knowing something was coming into the area and got worried when a tornado warning was issued for our area. I called Jeremy and he was already getting the babies into severe weather mode. Over the weekend, we watched “Storm Chasers” and had a conversation about what to do with the kids during severe weather. Our house has no basement, so we discussed getting the babies strapped in their car seats and hunkering down in the center hall of our house. Prior to having kids, severe weather mode meant putting the cats in their carriers and placing them in the tub and leashing the dog and sitting with him in the hallway. Jeremy joked that he would just put Grant and Maria in the bathtub with the cats and close the door, but I advised against that since there is a window in our bathroom. Mom had stopped by to drop off some salad for me and ended up helping keep the babies quiet by reading nursery rhymes and rocking their car seats while Jeremy monitored the weather reports. Thankfully, in only a few minutes, everything passed through the area and we all survived. Living in the Ohio River Valley, I’m sure it won’t be their last tornado warning and hopefully they will all be a “non-event” like this one. One thing is for sure, though — our next house will have a basement!

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