This past Saturday the children and I attended two birthday parties and visited a friend who is pregnant with twin boys. The twins and I were off at 9am to get to the birthday party at the Aquarium in the mountains by 10:30am. It said on MapQuest it would take me an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. I should have left at least an hour sooner. We did not arrive there until after 11am. By the end of the car ride, Julian was crying wanting out of his seat and I was a bit stressed myself. After parking I walked down three flights of stairs with two toddlers and three large boxed gifts. Then we had to walk up another flight of very steep stairs. Some very kind strangers carried both Natalie and Julian up the large flight of stairs for me. Without kind strangers I do not know how I would have made it this far in life!

By the time we got in we had missed seeing the divers and petting some fish. But what fun we had when we finally did make it in the door! Once inside I realized that I had left my camera in the car, but I just could not try and tackle all those stairs again.

I really wished I had my camera, when the director of the party asked who would like to pet a shark and Natalie said, “I do, I do.” I asked Julian if he did and he said, “NO!” When it was Natalie’s turn she decided it was not for her, so I got to pet the shark. The shark was under light sedation so we were not in danger!

The children then got to make penguin necklaces by layering different colors of sand on top of each other inside the penguin. The director helped Natalie with hers and I helped Julian. Julian put his necklace on right away, but Natalie wanted me to wear hers. Then we got to eat birthday cake while we waited for the pizza to cool. The three of us loved the cake and ice cream and enjoyed watching the birthday boys blow out their candles. The boys got such great gifts and Julian and Natalie were admiring them all. Once we ate pizza we were off to the next birthday party in Johnson City.

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