One traffic jam and two hours later we arrived at cousin Gavin’s party an hour late. This was his first birthday and we were so excited to see him. I had to give Natalie a small bath before we walked in because she had insisted on taking a piece of pizza to go and then feel asleep in the car eating it. So needless to say, she had it all over her.

It was so kind of Gramps and Uncle Eric to come to the car to help unload. When Natalie saw Eric, she said “Daddy!” I had to tell her it was Uncle Eric not Daddy. Daddy was at the UT football game with skybox seats. Poor Daddy!

The theme of the party was trucks. Julian yelled out “digger” when he saw the streamers. Gavin’s Mom, Kim, made the truck cake for the guests and one for Gavin as well. I was very impressed! The twins were excited to see their cousins Alyssa and Gavin. Alyssa looked beautiful as always in her tiara of flowers and colorful skirt. Gavin was adorable in his first birthday shirt. They all had so much fun together in the playroom. Natalie and Julian are now able to really play with Alyssa. They loved all the toys and especially Alyssa’s great big doll house!

When it came time for Gavin to open gifts, Natalie and Julian just wanted to stay in Alyssa’s room and play. Eric, Brian’s twin brother, took the kids outside to play until Alyssa informed me that Julian was not sharing. She was right, Julian would not let go of the shopping cart that was outside. When we found a stroller he could push he then just wanted his green putter. No other putter would do. Note to self, never leave home without the green putter!

We hated to leave since we were all having such a good time; however, I could see things were winding down and we need to be on our way to visit my friend who is expecting twin boys. We had packed the car full of baby things that we thought she might find useful. For the next hour and a half Julian sang “Happy Birthday Gavin” over and over, with a few other songs thrown in as well.

By the time we got to Rogersville, they were ready to play. My college roommate, Tracy, has two children who played so nicely with Natalie and Julian at McDonalds while I got to chat away to Tracy. We do not get to see each other often, so it is a special treat when we do. Tracy’s children got to have a glimpse of what their life will be like in a few years when their twin brothers are old enough to play.

By 9 pm we were all tired and ready to go home. We arrived home a little before 11 pm and Dad was still not home. So I unpacked the car put the twins to bed then started washing dishes and cleaning clothes. It was a long day, but well worth the exhaustion. Just like having twins, lots of work, but so worth it!

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