When we arrived in Gatlinburg Wednesday morning we were able to check into our hotel and then walk the downtown area and have lunch. We then went back for a swim in the very warm pool after which the twins took a nice long nap. Natalie got up first so she and I walked downtown again waiting for Julian to wake-up (Dad was in the room with him) and meet Grammy and Gramps for dinner. Natalie had to stroll her baby around town, while we went in shops. She attracted lots of attention as always. While we were walking I gave Patty a call to see how the wedding went, she was at work, but I got to talk to her Mother in-law which was very nice. I got to hear about the wedding and got a promise of pictures soon.

Julian and Dad met us and we went in and out of all the candy stores while we waited for the grandparents. We ate dinner then went back to the hotel for another swim. You would have thought they would have been very tired, but they wanted to play with the grandparents. It was hard to get them into bed.

The next day the men went into Cherokee while Grammy and I took the twins to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. It was raining outside, so we thought we would just drive. I soon realized that my keys were locked in the car and Dad had the other pair. So we walked in the rain and thankfully did not melt.

When we arrived there the twins just wanted to be held, but we tried to get them to walk. Then Natalie cried because she is scared of the dark and we were entering a dark area. I gave in and carried her, until we got to a lighted area. We got to see the penguin exhibit and they enjoyed playing with the penguin statue. Natalie would not crawl through the tunnel to have them swim around her, but Julian crawled in while holding onto me for dear life.

We soon entered another dark area which featured crabs, which Julian freaked out over. Grammy tried to get Julian to take a picture with her and he just wanted to be with me. When I handed him over he laid on the floor and cried. Grammy thinks he did not want to see her for a while after that since she was the culprit of trying to get him to see animals that he was afraid of.

Julian claimed that the pink octopus was Natalie’s favorite; he has been doing that for a while, speaking for Natalie. He has even gone as far as stating things she hears! I try and discourage him from making decisions for her, but I think when she does not agree she does speak up. When they were babies I would have never thought Julian would have been the dominant one.

Once we had been there three hours we were ready to go back and take a nap! Daddy called and they were back at the room also, so that was great timing. We all rested then enjoyed a meal at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. It was our last night there and it had turned quite cold. We decided to walk back to our warm room.

The next morning we ate at the Pancake Pantry then got on the road. It was snowing in the mountains and some roads were already shut down. We did not see any snow, it was just cold. Grammy and I did some shopping on the drive back while the boys rode around trying to get the twins to sleep. Once the boys had enough, our shopping was over and it was back to reality. We had a great time, but like with all vacations the time goes by too quickly.

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