Today Patty called to see if we would meet them in Disney World in February. I called Brian right away to see if he thought that would be possible. I am excited to say that he thought it would be a great time! I was so excited that the twins and I put up their Christmas tree in their room.

The most important thing that I neglected to tell about in my last blog about putting up the tree is that with each ornament I pray for the person and their family who gave it to me. This year I had to do a different kind of prayer for many of the ornaments. While hanging the ornaments Mom gave me, I just thanked God for giving me such a wonderful Mother! I think that prayer is a wonderful way to start the holiday season. It is a tradition I hope my children will continue when they have their own home.

Since today’s tree was for the twins we had several prayers for the Cassidy family, which was nice since I just heard from her today. I have already wrapped the sweat shirt she got for Julian when we went to visit them in March and a little tutu outfit for Natalie. While putting the ornaments on the tree it reminded me that she also got them each one for this year that I need to wrap as well. What a blessing to have the Cassidy family involved in our lives.

Our first Christmas party is this Friday with a few of my Mother’s friends, who have also become my friends as well. We are going to make sugar cookies to take and I got them a special ornament for their tree that we will have to wrap. I have to say that the holiday season is off to a very good start even if it will be one of the most challenging ones I have ever had.


  1. What a beautiful entry!! When you are done decorating your house and packing your bags for Disney, you can come to my house and get everyone set.


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