Grant and Maria were frozen for 7 years. On the 17th of September, they were transferred into me where they spent the next 7 months cooking and were born on the 17th of April. Today, on the 17th of November, they are 7 months old. I feel like a broken record, but it seems crazy to me that they are over half way to their first birthday. This song by Darius Rucker (formerly known as “Hootie” from Hootie and the Blowfish) reminds me to cherish each and every stage.

I think the world we live in prevents us from being “in the moment” and I often hear parents talk about how they can’t wait for this or that milestone. I try not to fall into that trap. Each stage has its advantages and disadvantages and I already find myself wishing we could go back and have some of those early days back again. As new parents we were in such a fog, that I don’t know that we enjoyed things as much as we could. Thankfully, we have TONS of pictures. (I also hear expectant moms complain about how they feel and how much they want their babies to come early. As a mom to preemies, this is difficult to hear; NICU life stinks and babies are meant to cook for 40 weeks for a reason.) Remember, it won’t be like this for long. Enjoy each day.

So, in honor of their seven month birthday, here are seven things that I chose to enjoy about this stage in our lives.

1. I enjoy the fact that Maria will sing herself to sleep as she experiments with different sounds.
2. I enjoy the fact that sometimes she prefers Jeremy to me and will spread her arms across his broad chest and rest her head on him.
3. I enjoy the fact that Grant seems to have a multi-chambered stomach – one used for nourishment and one that appears to be a reserve tank utilized for spit up.
4. I enjoy the fact that we have to create a fort around Grant and must secure his Wubbanub paci to him so it doesn’t fall out of his mouth resulting in panic.
5. I enjoy the fact that dual nursing is creating its own challenges now as they reach out and poke one another in the eyes if I don’t get their bottom arms properly secured.
6. I enjoy the fact that they aren’t yet mobile and that the dog bowl and litter boxes are safe for now.
7. I enjoy the fact that even though we might not always sleep the whole night and we change approximately 480 diapers a month we have two healthy babies who are growing like weeds and are always pumped to see their mom or dad.

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2 thoughts on “LUCKY SEVENS

  1. We are so blessed. It is lots of work with twins and your blogs remind me on when mine were that age. You are so right enjoy the moment, if you can stay awake!

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