Last month I received a call from my physician’s office informing me it had been 3 yrs since my last visit, and they suggested I schedule an appointment for a physical. My doctor decided to send me for routine blood work even though my check up was fine, I guess so he would have a baseline to compare it to when I actually do start to fall apart. Since I needed to fast for the blood test, I decided to wait until I wouldn’t have to take everyone with me in the morning. I decided to go over Veteran’s day weekend, because we had that time off from school, and Ryan could stay with the younger boys.

I anticipated a wait, so of course I brought something to do to keep my hands busy. I usually always travel with my knitting or cross stitch, whether it is waiting for the school bus or a car ride (don’t worry, not when I’m driving!). I brought a cross stitch project for a Christmas present, and set to work. There were four men ahead of me, and shortly after I arrived an older women in her late 80’s sat next to me. She was admiring my work and we struck up a conversation. She was amazed at the fact I could work in such fine detail without using glasses. I told her my eyes were just at the point that they only bother me when they are tired. She recommended I get those cheap magnifying glasses they sell in CVS or Ocean State Job Lots. I laughed and told her my sister wears those, and has multiple pairs of them. I was joking that I could use her hand me downs.

Our conversation turned to family after she asked me who the project I was currently working on was for. (I told her I give away most to the items I make as gifts for family and friends.) She asked how many children I have and their ages. She also has 3 (2 boys and a girl), over a 10 year period (my span is 8 yrs). I asked her if she found it to be easy or hard with the age difference. She said it was difficult, because she felt she always had to “drag a baby or two along”. I tend to agree with her; I find it difficult at times to switch gears between the different needs of each age group and their schedules.

I talked with this lady until I was called, and before I went in told her how much I had enjoyed our chat. It wasn’t until I was driving home, listening to my favorite radio station, silence, that I realized this lady had filled a void in my life that was created with Auntie’s death. I really miss being able to pick up the phone and talk to her about what the kids are doing and what is happening in my life, whether good or bad. Auntie had filled the void in my life that was created when my Mom had died, and now it is back. I miss the maternal advice from their life experiences and lessons learned that is given out freely, but at the time I didn’t always want to hear .

This realization was confirmed when a few days later I read Marti’s blog entry about how she misses her Mom, and is honoring her memory by decorating and carrying on family traditions as her mother did. I think I would like to do the same for my Aunt’s memory.

One thought on “FAMILIAR THREADS

  1. It is a blessing that we both can relate to such events that have happened in our lives. God put us together for many reasons and I am still amazed by Him!

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