Wednesday morning my friend called to see if the twins and I wanted to go to Fantasy of Trees with her that morning. So we all jumped out of bed and hurried to the coliseum. Children’s Hospital of East Tennessee has a fundraiser every year to raise money for their hospital. It is always such a wonder to see all the different trees people have decorated that are for sale. The event also has face painting, princess manicures, reindeer decorating, stocking hand prints and many, many other activities to entertain adults and most of all the children. My children enjoyed it all so much. We took them their first Christmas and I have to say they enjoyed it so much more this year. It only lasts a few days so you do not have long to work it into your schedule. I am glad we rushed out and got to see it this year.

Thursday morning we cooked a few things and then drove two hours to Brian’s twin brother, Eric’s, house. His parents were there along with Eric’s parent-in-laws. We were the first to arrive and the last to leave. We may have worn out our welcome! It is just so nice to have the children play together and for me to have adult time. Brian and Eric’s birthday is Nov. 27th, so we celebrated their special day as well. Kim made a delicious Milky Way Cake that was a hit! Julian has talked about how he wanted to blow out Daddy’s candles, so he got to join Brian and Eric in blowing them out.

We got home about 9:45pm and I headed to Toys-R-Us for the big sale at 10pm. I saw that the line was around the strip mall and decided not to tackle that store and headed to Wal-Mart for the sale that started at midnight. I arrived at Wal-Mart around 10:15pm, scoped out the store and started standing in line for the steam mop around 10:45pm. At midnight the ripping began and one person tried to snatch mine right out of my hands and I was first in line! I took one for myself and one for my mother-in-law and off I was to find a few other deals. By 12:30 I was in line. I waited, and waited, and waited until, are you ready for this, yes 3:15AM I was checked out! I thought my legs were going to fall off and I was not sure how I was going to make it to my car. A Wal-Mart employee was handing out 5 hour energy drinks for free and I took one. I do not drink caffeine, so I just had a few sips of the drink. I have to say it gave me the energy not only to make it to the car, but to Kohl’s, with 45min in line and then to Belk as well. I am not sure how good of “deals” I got but one thing is for sure I am not doing this again next year! I finally arrived home at 7:30AM, yes you read that correct, 7:30AM! I was so tired when I arrived home, but I knew I had to hide many of the gifts, so I did that and then heard Natalie moving around so I made her breakfast and put her in bed with us. I asked Dad not to wake me for at least six hours and that is the last thing I remember until 3pm. Dad was so good to not have the kids or the dogs bother me, but I was still exhausted when I got up. My legs just throbbed. My friend Susan, told me I put a new meaning to the term “Shop till you drop!”

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