The weather in Knoxville has been very cold, but the only good thing about this is that we got a little snow. The twins got to play in it for a little bit on Monday. Julian liked to slide in the baby pool down the hill and Natalie joined him a few times. They also enjoyed taking cookies to the neighbors who we figured would be bundled up inside their homes and we were right.

It is such a delight to see the twins loving each other the ways they do and interacting together. The other night I went into Julian’s new Mickey Mouse room to find him lying on top of Natalie. It was just so sweet I had to take a picture! Even though they have separate rooms, they still want to be in the Mickey Mouse room together, or at nap time they often still sleep in their moon toddler bed together. When all you have known is each other all your lives I guess it is hard to separate. I was hoping to do this early so it would not be so hard later on, but it is not working out like I had thought it would. Maybe when I add more Princesses to Natalie’s room she will want to sleep in it. I will just have to wait and see.


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