Jeremy will tell you he’s very good at regimenting animals and as a result the babies generally take a long afternoon nap. On Tuesday of this week, I was exhausted after a very long night with Grant. I think between a cold and working on cutting a tooth (which still hasn’t appeared) he was a miserable little man, which makes for a miserable night for everyone else. I told Jeremy I was going to try to come home a little early, to which he replied that they would be fine and the kids don’t sleep when I’m home (which means Jeremy doesn’t get his nap either). I was mildly offended and said that since I bother everyone, I’ll leave at my normal time. He proceeded to tell me that “bother” is not the right word…more like “excite.” “People say dogs are like kids. Think about Max (my brother’s dog). Is he going to be ‘bothered’ when he sees Nick and Mere and Jake? He won’t be napping, that’s for sure.”

Well, when he put the babies’ lack of sleep and me being home in that analogy, maybe I get it. He proceeded to text “If they had tails they would wag them furiously when you come home. We’d definitely have other issues to deal with and their celebrity would probably be for reasons other than the ones now … but they would wag them furiously.” It does make me feel good that they get excited when I’m home. Actually, everyone in the house can be asleep and within five minutes of me walking through the door, someone (usually Grant) starts to stir. They must smell the milk truck and can’t wait for a turn at the tap. I’m glad that I’m not a bother and that they get so excited when I’m home. I guess when I start to miss them I can just imagine their little tails wagging when I come through the door. Won’t be long and they’ll be walking to greet me.

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One thought on “IF THEY HAD TAILS

  1. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten since you first blogged from NICU! Since I only see them periodically, through the blog, it is really noticable to me. You could set them in those chairs in front of the fireplace on Christmas eve, like in the M&M’s commercial “They’re real,” so they could see Santa for the first time. If you could get a Santa (Grpa Lou?), it would be adorable. I’m looking forward to your First Christmas blog.

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