We have had a very busy weekend. On Friday we went to the University of Tennessee to their train exhibit with the Thomas family. We had such a great time. The twins love trains and the Thomas twins do also. It is such a blessing to have such good friends.

Then on Saturday, Brian had to practice for our church cantata and then we went to a celebration dinner. After that my brother’s youngest two children came back to our house to stay the night. They were all excited to be together. That night we went to bed late, so they could play a bit before bed. We all played musical beds. Dad put Natalie in Julian’s bed to put her to sleep, so Will, Julianna, and Julian were in Natalie’s bed. Julian was in the middle and put his head on Julianna’s shoulder. It was so sweet. They all just love each other so much. Before the night was over we were all in different beds with different bed partners. And I use night very loosely, since Julianna got up at 4:30 am! I guess she was just so excited to be here. I could hear her through the monitor talking with Natalie and trying to get her up. They were soon in my room and so Will, Julianna, and Natalie were all in bed with me. Julianna said she could not sleep and wanted to play. I told her it was still night time, but that did not help. I soon took Natalie to her bed and tried to sleep with her, but then Julianna was in our room wanting something else, so I took Natalie to sleep in bed with Julian and Dad in his twin bed. I put a movie in for Will and Julianna and then went back to bed. They were not use to video tapes, so they did not know you had to rewind the movie, so they were back in my room by 5:30am. I finally just got up to keep them company, but I have to say the dogs did not. It was too early for them, I think they were happy to have the bed to themselves! At 6am I decided to make breakfast and then they took a bath. They had so much fun with the jets and all the bubbles. I should have taken pictures of that, but I was not thinking about pictures at that time.

By 7am they were ready for church, even though it does not start till 10:45am. When I saw Will’s sweater, I thought it looked familiar. Then I went into Julian’s closet and realized why it looked like I had seen it before, Julian had one too. Then Julianna had a dress like one of mine, but poor Natalie did not have an outfit that matched. We all still looked very cute together. So we took pictures by the Christmas tree at church.

After church I took Natalie and Julian to meet the Thomas family at “A Walk Through Bethlehem,” at a church in Knoxville. My twins were a bit scared at first since it had low lighting and strange looking people. It was very exhausting for me and I am sure it was for the Thomas family too, since they were helping me with the twins and theirs as well! The experience was amazing. It was breath-taking and I am glad I went even though I was ready for a nap. The children did nap on the way home, but I never got one, instead I got ready for our church cantata.

Brian and my sister-in-law Tracy sang that night. It was just beautiful, I think it was the best one the church has ever done. It was a wonderful way to end a very long day. What a blessing it was that we had so many wonderful things to do all in one day!

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