Last week during one of our snow days, I had decided Joel and I should spend at least one of the days cleaning his room. One day turned into two, because he had such a mess! The first day we spent clearing out from under his double bed (all the items he had “stored” there after the last time he “cleaned” his room). It didn’t even look like we had done a thing, which was very discouraging. We finished up on Saturday, about an hour before I had to leave for work. Joel very nicely offered to make me lunch, because I had spent so much time helping him, and he wanted to show he appreciated it. Here I’m thinking he finally gets it, and is learning a lesson. I go into the kitchen to get the sandwich he’s made for me, and it was all I could do not to laugh. He had sliced 2 pieces of Italian bread off the loaf, which is fine. When he made the sandwich, he didn’t lay the bread flat on the cut side to make it, but rather he left them standing upright on the bottom part. The funny thing is that he had placed pieces of salami, slicing pepperoni and Provolone cheese on the bread, so it hung out on both sides of the bread by an inch or so! It was delicious despite the presentation, which is what counts most, aside from the thought.

Yesterday, in honor of Martin Luther King Day, we had the day off from school. I had decided it would be a good idea to tackle Chad’s room. It took about 6 hours, and I was in a wicked mood by time we finished. I couldn’t believe it; the mess was worst than Joel’s. Let me just say we found the Halloween candy that had disappeared and no one knew anything about. I told both boys that this was the last time I’d help clean their rooms if they didn’t take care of them. They were told to keep them picked up, and if they didn’t, the next time I helped would be much quicker, because I would have a black trash bag in hand.

This morning, believe it or not, we had yet ANOTHER snow day! This storm started as snow, turning to freezing rain, and is expected to return to snow again. Since it started at 2 AM, I was pretty confident that school would be canceled. We got our wake up call to inform us, and about 2 hours later, both Chad and Joel come into my room to tell me I had to go downstairs to see something. This is usually never good, so I wasn’t thrilled when they called me. To my surprise, there was breakfast waiting for me, courtesy of Chef Chad and Chef Joel. They wanted to do something nice because I had spent so much time helping them both. After hugs and kisses, we sat down to a Pistachio muffin with clementines. To drink, we had coffee with sugar and three flavored creamers. Apparently, when Joel asked Chad which was my favorite, he said they all were, so they mixed them together. It sounds disgusting, but it actually was quite good.

This is the way I like to spend my snow days, relaxing and enjoying the unexpected time off. It was nice to wake up to breakfast already made for me, and even nicer when the mess has been cleaned up as well. As I sipped my coffee, I was admiring the handiwork of the storm. It is a mess to travel in, but quite beautiful to see the trees with any icy coating. It’s even more enjoyable if you don’t lose power from ice on the lines. I’m pleased to have such wonderful boys who have learned a life lesson. Will wonders never cease.

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