Shortly after the twins were born, Brian’s co-worker and our dear friend, Jennifer McDonald, brought us food. It was such a blessing to have a hot meal but better yet, Jennifer stayed and visited with us a while. Since I had been on bed rest for 15 weeks, then back and forth from the hospital for another 46 days to see the twins, it was such a blessing to have her just sit down and talk with us. During this time she shared with us her desire to have another child, her son Jackson was about 5. Jennifer told us she was going to undergo surgery to lose weight so that she would be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

With my whirl-wind life that came with the twins, I did not think about this again until Brian came home one day talking about how good Jennifer looked and how she had lost so much weight. I was so happy for her knowing this was her plan to increase her family size. Soon after that I heard she was having headaches and going to the eye doctor. I asked about her often, but Brian said he just knew she was still having pain and was out of work. The doctors found a brain tumor and this past October discovered it was cancerous; unfortunately, they were not able to classify the cancer. Her cancer is very rare and from someone looking outside would think all was lost, but Jennifer knows that God is bigger than all this. She had lost sight from both eyes, yet just this week she has gained sight from her one “good” eye. She is now undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and it is working!

Jennifer is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. When you look at her you can just see God’s love shining through her. When Jennifer came over to deliver food to me that summer day of 2008 she would have never dreamed that one day she would find herself infertile like me. Cancer treatments can leave patients infertile along with so many other scars; but God never closes one door without opening another. Jennifer knows this and is already asking questions about embryo adoption. She has more faith than that of a mustard seed and is just waiting to see how her loving God is going to answer her prayers, not just for her health; but for her desire to grow her family. I ask you to pray for Jennifer and to thank God for allowing all of us the option of embryo adoption!


  1. Thanks Marti for sharing Jennifer’s story. She’s in our prayers… and praise God for embryo adoption!! Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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