We took the babies for their 9 month well-baby check up yesterday, and while it’s obvious they are thriving, it’s always nice to get a clean bill of health. Grant is weighing in at 17 lbs 8 oz and is 26 ¾ inches long, which is in the 25th percentile for his adjusted age of 7 months. His head, on the other hand, is in the 90th percentile. We knew the kid had a big melon, but goodness! Maria is weighing in at 16 lbs 11 oz and is also 26 ¾ inches long. Her height, weight, and head are all in the 50th percentile for her adjusted age. She’s been working hard to maintain her svelte and proportionate figure. The only issue that they found is that they are both anemic and our doctor has recommended and iron supplement. Because of their twin gestation, premature birth and me being severely anemic when they were born, he wasn’t surprised by their low hemoglobin levels. We’ll check their levels again in three months and see where they stand.

I’m really enjoying this age. They laugh and talk and are generally a lot of fun to be around. Now, they are also extremely busy and getting anything done while they are awake is nearly impossible these days. Another new challenge is attention deficit disorder while nursing. I cannot nurse if Jeremy is in the room, the dog is walking around, the TV is on or any other type of distraction. Additionally, I’m finding that my best bet is to nurse them separately right now. About the only time I’m successful in dual nursing right now is in the middle of the night, when none of us really want to be awake. We’re working on increasing their solid food intake and because Maria seems to be a bit finicky when it comes to new tastes and textures, he said to make their food with more lumps and to keep introducing new stuff so she will get used to it and hopefully not be a horribly picky eater.

The final thing that I’m really pumped up about is that they are going to be reunited with their Cousin Jake this weekend. According to, Meredith and Jake have just landed on US soil and God willing will be home later tonight and intend on staying through at least the end of May. We’re so very excited to have them home and my brother will be back here on his next break from work. I’m thankful that my family will all be back together again very shortly.

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