As I snuggle with Julian I am reminded what a blessing and a miracle Natalie and Julian are to our family. Being born at 30 weeks is a risk factor for so many things and yet because of prayer here they are as healthy as can be.
As I drove to the Ears, Nose and Throat doctor for their check-up, Julian wanted to know if we were going to visit friends (you can tell we do a lot of that). I told him we were not visiting with anyone today. I asked him who he thought we were going to see and he replied, “My friends, Jim and Patty.” I thought how sweet it was that he thought of them that way. We have been talking about our upcoming Disney trip and who we will see, so I think he must be taking it all in.

When we got to the doctor’s office they tried to do a test on Natalie where they put a device in each ear to determine her hearing ability. She cried and would not sit still, so the test could not be done. Julian was next and he sat very still and quiet. I was so proud of him. I personally think it is a lot to ask of a two-year-old to sit quietly with a device lodged in your ear, even though it does not hurt.

Julian did all that the doctor asked him to do and sat in the chair all by himself. Natalie on the other hand had to be held down while she screamed when he looked into her ears and throat. He reported that all was well with their tubes and it was great that we are getting through two winter seasons with them and can hope we will get through a third. They each got a sticker and we were off to the mall to play.

On our way home I got a call from their doctor, telling me he neglected to tell me the results of Julian’s test while we were in the office. He went on to tell me that Julian passed in the right ear, but failed in his left and because of this Julian was going to need to go for another more in-depth test to determine the extent of loss. The doctor went on to tell me that this was not a surgery; however, Julian would have to be sedated for this test. When I got off the phone it took me a bit to take in the fact of a “failed” hearing test.

I later called back with lots of questions, like how accurate is this test that he failed and should he have that test again to make sure that he really failed! I was in denial. Yes, they took it twice and yes he does really need this done. I was then reminded of the Bible verse I had studied this past week, 2 Corinthians 12:9 “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” When I was studying this I just thought of my own infertility. I did not think what my children’s weakness may be.


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