Kids aren’t cheap. This is especially true for anyone who has gone through infertility. Right out of the gate, the embryo adoption process cost nearly $6000, and considering we only went through one attempt and hadn’t tried any other treatments before $6000 is just a drop in the bucket to what some people spend. Once they were born and we went to one income, we really watch how we spend our money. Thankfully neither Jeremy nor I are materialistic; neither one of us wants or “needs” a lot of stuff, so that’s one battle we don’t have to deal with. Being a parent has made me even more frugal. Not only to I dislike spending money where I don’t have to, I enjoy finding a great deal. This started well before the babies were born when I scored their furniture on craigslist for only $600. Two solid wood convertible cribs and a matching chest were being sold by another twin mom who wanted to sell to another twin mom. For another $100 she threw in all the bedding. I couldn’t believe it! Throw in the nice glider my mom found at a consignment store and we had their nursery outfitted for under $900. I know many who spend this and more for just one baby. I’ve also only paid full price for one clothing item and that was a whopping $8 for Maria’s red tights she wore at Christmas. Everything else has been bought at consignment sales or handed down from friends and family.

The children’s spring consignment sales are right around the corner and I’m ready to take inventory of what I’ll need through the spring and summer months. I covered fall and winter on only $100 and plan on doing the same at the next set of sales. As they’ve gotten older, I’ve learned a few lessons and might not even spend that much. I highly recommend consignment shopping for babies, especially multiples. Why spend $6 on a onesie when you can get the same one for a $1? And all their accessories, such as swings, jumpers, and other expensive toys can be found in great condition for a fraction of the cost at these sales.

Diapers are another area where we’ve gotten a lot smarter. Due to the generosity of friends and family, I don’t think we had to buy diapers until they were about 3 ½ or 4 months old and at the time we’re spending about $120 a month on diapers. Every diaper was about twenty five cents and I cringed when we had one of those diaper changes that ended up going through three diapers on one kid. In November, I discovered that I could save almost $50 a month by buying online through Not only did I save money, we saved time by having them shipped automatically each month. It was also in November that we finally stopped battling Maria’s diaper rash. Turns out she was reacting to my diet and once I eliminated ice cream and orange juice, she cleared right up. Since her butt was finally clear, I decided to see if a less expensive diaper would not be irritating. We tried them out a couple of weeks ago and thankfully her rear stayed clear, which means we’re going to save another hunk of money. Because we’re using about half the number of diapers per day that we went through in the beginning and being able to go to a less expensive diaper, I’ll have our monthly cost down to $25, or only twelve cents a diaper. You can’t beat that!

We’re getting better and better at finding deals and learning where we can save money. Coupons are in play now in our house and Jeremy enjoys telling me about the deals he finds at the grocery. I know that breastfeeding has saved thousands of dollars and making our own baby food saves money as well. I’m very thankful for the way Jeremy and I planned and budgeted to put us in a position to have one of us at home with the babies. The love and care they get by being at home with Jeremy is something on which you can never put a price tag.


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