This past Friday night, my church had a parent’s night out and a Valentines party for the kids! Brian and I took advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have some time alone! We went out to eat and then went bowling. Fourteen years ago this month Brian and I had our first date at the bowling alley. That night I scored a whopping 36, yes you read that right! I even managed to roll the ball behind my back, very hard to do, but can be done! I am happy to report that I have improved just a bit. Friday, I bowled 54 and then 91. Just think how much I will improve in 14 more years! Brian and I then went to Starbucks to top the evening off.

When we picked up the kids they told us what a wonderful time they had. Julian told me that he got to eat a cupcake and play in the jumpy room as well as watch veggies on TV! They got a treat bag full of candy with a book about how much Jesus loves them and a heart shaped balloon, which Julian is holding right now while we watch Sesame Street. I am so thankful that we all had such a wonderful time.

Tonight we all get to go see Brian play basketball. I just hope he does not break his leg like he did several years ago in February, since we are now frantically getting ready for our Disney trip with the Cassidy family! Three more days and counting!

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