Brian and I have been trying and get the kids to go to sleep on their own, so on Valentines night we put them in their room and closed the door. To our delight they did not cry or fuss about it! Julian did come into our room and we told him he had to stay in his room, so he went back. We love to hear Julian and Natalie talk and how they enjoy each other so much during their alone time at night. I do prefer to hear them till 9:30pm instead of 11:30pm, which was the case this past Valentines evening. The last thing I heard Julian say over the monitor was “I will do that tomorrow.” I had thought Natalie had asked Julian to do something for her. After I went into his room and discovered all the stuffed animals all over the floor as well as Natalie’s shoes, I realized that they would be cleaning Julian’s room “tomorrow.” The next night went a bit better with Natalie falling asleep at 9:30pm, but Julian unplugged the monitor, so I had to go in and get him. When we get back from our trip we will try this all over again!

I decided before the trip I wanted to take pictures of Natalie and Julian’s rooms so that Patty and her sister, Cathy could see the gifts they gave them in their rooms. I am glad I did this before they decided to have a party in their room until 11:30pm, so at least I had a before and after shot.

Getting ready for the trip has involved lots of packing and cooking for me. The kids and I have made Mickey Mouse cookies for the Cassidy family as well as Patty’s sister and brother-in-law. We made sandwich cookies and then sprinkled them with Mickey Mouse sprinkles! Of course I could not go without taking them fudge. So I made chocolate, chocolate butterscotch, chocolate peanut butter and cream sickle (orange and white for the UT Vols).

Making the cookies reminded me of the first time we met the Cassidy family in Richmond. I had made cookies for them then and did not know at the time how they would be received. Some people do not allow their children to eat sweets and I did not know if they did or not. Now I know so much more about them than if they eat sweets or not. It is so nice to see how our relationship has developed over these three years.

I have been praying about the trip and asked Brian to pray as well. His response was, “Do you not expect the trip to go well?” Of course I expect it to go well, we are going to Disney World, where “Dreams do come true!” However, I also know that nothing in life is worth doing without the blessing of the Lord. So it is my prayer that this will be a time for fellowship, deeper relationships with God as well as each other, and for those around us to see the love of the Lord shining through each of us! Thanks be to God for this time together, but most of all for His love for us all!

2 thoughts on “HAVING FUN

  1. Have a ball at Disney World, Marti Mouse! Can’t wait to see pics! BTW the chocolate/peppermint fudge you gave us for Christmas was a big hit here!

  2. Simply hilarious! And so cute! We hope you all have a more than magical time at Disney. I want to hear all about it when you get back. By the way, those cookies looked delicious!

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