Our day started at 4am after a night of a sick dog and Julian falling out of bed! I am glad to say that the day greatly improved. When we headed out of the house, Natalie noticed that it was still dark outside and wanted to know where the sun was. She said “We have to find the sun. Where can it be?” I told her it was on the other side of the world, which we looked for the rest of the morning.

We kept them in their PJs which was very helpful going through security and then dressed them once we got to the gate. They were very excited to be on a plane and Julian said “We are going to visit my friends, the Cassidy family.” He was overjoyed to be in a plane and loved takeoff.

Once we got to Orlando we met the Cassidy family in the airport. It was so nice to see them and how they had changed. Patty has grown her hair out a bit and the boys have gotten bigger. Jim has stayed his funny self, still giving me a hard time. A bus took us from the airport to the hotel, Saratoga Springs, and Patty and I chatted the whole way there. Joel held Julian on his lap while Natalie and Chad fell asleep after such a long trip on mine and Patty’s lap.

When we got to the hotel we quickly put on our suits and headed for the pool. Natalie and Julian were excited to see Donald Duck in the splash pad area and wanted to go do that first. The water was a bit cold, so I had thought the pool would be a bit cool as well. I was surprised that it was heated and just perfect. It was so nice just to relax a bit after going, going and going to get ready for the trip. We all got in the hot tub as well. Jim made the commitment that he would like to stay in for I think he said 15 years. It was very hard to get out and head back to the hotel, even though we were looking forward to dinner and a show.

We went to an Irish pub for dinner and I had fish and chips while the twins slept in their stroller. Chad even fell asleep at the dinner table, which I think we all could have done. The food was just great, but it was just so exciting to be with them as well as Patty’s sister, Cathy and her husband Scott. At dinner Brian quizzed us about our first trip together in Richmond in regards to the name of the restaurants we ate. We all got the first one, but none of us got the second one. It was a great time to laugh, have fun and now even remember old times together.

Once we ate we were then off to the show “Cirque du Soleil. It was just amazing. Little girls dancing(?), men performing tricks on bikes, jump roping, tight rope walking, juggling, and much more. There was not any time to blink, many things were going on at the same time and all of it was a sight to see. Brian said it was like the Impossible becomes possible. Once that was done we were walking out and Natalie said, “Mommy that was fun!” I think we all could agree with her on that one.

Next up was Downtown Disney. Julian cried to ride a horse, which we did not do, and Natalie ran around nonstop. The Cassidy boys had fun at the Lego shop and then we called it a night. When we got back to the hotel we handed out gifts we had brought for each other. Patty cross-stitched the children the most beautiful pillow cases. One has a little girl praying and the other has a boy with a cross as well as the words “Now I lay me down to sleep.” They are just perfect! Then she made me a table runner that matches my china “Old Country Roses.” She is so very thoughtful and talented to boot! The kids also got books that Chad thought he had outgrown as well as a Thomas the Tank plate with matching silverware. They were excited beyond words.

The men fell asleep before the kids, so Patty and I put the pull-out bed together and I got the twins ready for bed. We were all very tired after getting up around 3am. How people do that every day I do not know! But when it is for vacation, it is just very exciting. This has been a great day to the start of a very magical trip.

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