On the second day of our trip we went to Epcot. When we first walked in we saw Daisy Duck! The twins love the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which Daisy is on, so that was a great start to the day. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the autograph books at the hotel, which Maggie and Cassie (cousins of the Cassidy boys) gave to each of the kids. So we did not get Daisy’s signature.

Then Patty took the twins to ride a Nemo ride which she said Julian cried on because he was scared and started asking for me. The rest of us went on Mission Space. I should have had a clue this ride may not have been the best choice for me since they had barf bags beside each person! I really liked the ride until the end, when I decided I would not do it again, but I am happy to report I did not have to use the bag.
After that it was Patty’s turn to ride and I took the kids to see the Fairies. Tinker Bell was there, but shortly after that she had to take a break, so we just got our pictures made with the other two fairies. Chad did not care to have his picture made; in all honestly I am not sure mine did either, but he was a real trooper! I took pictures of us walking and I felt like I had to drag Chad. When we got back to the strollers he wanted to sit in his and he went to sleep. I texted Brian that Chad was asleep, he said none of them were surprised. When they returned from their ride, Patty decided that he was sick and she thought he needed to go back to the room.

Brian and I got to have a mini-date when we went on a ride all by ourselves. Patty and Jim stayed with the kids. Julian asked for a popsicle and Natalie asked for popcorn. Patty said Jim rushed to get Julian’s popsicle, “which he would not have done with one of his own.” But Jim did get to benefit, since he was eating it when we got back. It seems to me that Natalie and Julian had already figured out how to work the system to benefit them!

The adults and older kids got to do another ride with Patty: “Soarin.” This was a hang-gliding flight thru all of California which was Brian’s favorite ride. Patty then headed back to the room with Chad, while the rest of us went on the ride about living with the Land. It was a boat ride that told about what scientists are doing to help produce food. We even saw a nine pound lemon! The twins seemed to be amazed by it. Then we were off to Mexico The Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros. It was another boat ride through the pyramid-shaped Mexico Pavilion in which Donald Duck was lost.

Then we walked through Germany where we saw Snow White, but we did not wait in line for a photo with her, which I regret since that is Natalie’s favorite Princess. Since it was the first day, I thought oh we have time, but time at Disney runs out very quickly we learned. We then headed to eat at the Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room. It was an excellent meal. Natalie was asleep through it, but Julian was awake. He was a bit fussy, since he should have been asleep, but he just could not miss the excitement. I wish Patty and Chad could have joined us for that, but they had their own meal on the patio in the hotel room. We were all glad we got to try a Scotch Egg. Nothing brings more excitement to a bunch of boys than a Deep Fried Hard Boiled Egg.

We then continued to walk through the different countries that Epcot exhibits. In Japan we got to see Japanese Taiko drummers, and then in the United Kingdom, the boys found one of the guys from the Beatles to sing with. While we were in that store, I saw that Pooh and Tigger were there, so we got to visit with them for a bit. Looking around at all the shops was lots of fun, I could have stayed several days just in all the shops. We decided not to stay for the fireworks, which Jim said, is one of the best he has ever seen, and just headed back to the room to rest up for the next day at Magic Kingdom. It was a lovely day, we just hated that Chad got sick. We were all hoping he would be better so that he could enjoy the rest of the trip!!!

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