On the fourth day of our trip we were off to Hollywood Studios. Patty’s sister Cathy even got to join us for the first part of the day! As soon as we got in we headed straight to the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster which was just awesome. Cathy stayed back with the twins and Chad while the rest of us enjoyed the ride. We could not get enough, so we went a second time. While the boys and I took off to the famous Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Cathy and Patty took the younger ones to see a show. The show ended up being full, so they went to play at Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie set. The twins were having so much fun they did not want to leave, but we decided it was time for lunch.

Once we ate lunch we went to “Lights, Motor, Action!” It was an extreme stunt show, which held the twins’ attention the whole time. Then it was time to get our Fast Passes for the Toy Story Mania so that we could go do that later tonight. Patty, Brian, Chad and the twins and I went to see Voyage of the Little Mermaid while the rest of the boys rode a couple movie rides. Patty and I then took the twins and Chad to see the show Beauty and the Beast while the other boys went to an Indiana Jones show.
After the show we went to meet the rest of the gang to eat at Hollywood and Vine. While we were waiting I took the kids to look at a water fountain in which they danced around. Julian fell on his face while shaking his groove thing. I was on the phone, checking on my friend who is pregnant with twin boys, when this happened. I did not see him fall, but others around me said he just fell and then bounced off the pavement and fell again! Ouch! So now he had two band-aids on his face and a scratch on his noise. Poor little guy!

After dinner we headed to Fantasmic! We got there early so we could be sure to get a seat. I had brought the kids glow in the dark necklaces and a glow in the dark sword and flower wand for Natalie. It did give them something to do, as well as something to cry over and drop. Once the show started it was astounding. The twins were a bit frightened at first, but I just told Julian to get his sword out and fight off the dragon. So then Natalie was chanting, “Julian save Mickey.” I had never seen the show before or read about it. I did not know that at the end Mickey would fight the dragon and all the villains off with his magic sword. Natalie was so excited that Julian saved Mickey, it was so sweet to observe her. The show was great, but the twin’s reaction to it all made it just magical! We had to hurry so that we could get back to ride The Toy Story ride (this was Natalie’s favorite ride). Before the evening was over we had three rider’s swaps left to Twilight Zone of Terrier, so Brian took Ryan and Joel while the rest of us when into a few shops.

It was just another awesome day that ended way too quickly. The show was a great way to top it all off. My friend Maria, had told me it was a must see and she was right. I just wish we were back there again, instead of at home, especially since Natalie and Julian are both running a fever.

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