The next to last day at Disney we went to Magic Kingdom again and got to ride all the rides we did not get to the first time around. Cathy, Patty’s sister, joined us again. I was just exhausted by lunch and did not see how I could go on! But as Patty said, lunch revived me. The weather was beautiful and very warm. It would have also been a great day for a water park!

The twins just love the Cassidy boys and refer to them as their “friends.” The boys are so good with them and always impress me with their manners and loving demeanor. It is so nice how Patty and her whole family have just taken us all in as family too! I am not sure what our relationship will look like in ten or twenty years, but I know with God at the wheel, it will be more beautiful than I can imagine. If it is up to Brian and Ryan we will all be living in Orlando in five years. I am not sure if this is God’s plan, but I will just have to wait and see.

It was hard leaving the last day. I was tired, from being at Disney till midnight, but the twins at least were not as tired since Patty took the smaller kids back to the hotel after dinner. It was nice that the last night we got to eat with Cathy and her husband Scott. I think we all could have stayed another week in our hearts, but our bodies were all worn out from such long days.

When Brian and I got on the bus to go to the airport Jim and the older boys helped us with the twins and the baggage. Once all our stuff was on the bus, I turned to Ryan to get Natalie. Jim said, “Ryan, you are going to have to give her back now, we cannot keep her.” That was heartbreaking for me to hear, I just cannot imagine how it must feel. It was such a sacrifice for them to donate their embryos and I imagine they will always feel that a part of them is in Tennessee. But I also know if they had chosen not to do anything with them, they would not know the love that Natalie and Julian now bring to their lives as well as ours! God has truly blessed us both with their decision to donate embryos.


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