Grant and Maria crack each other up. Over the last month or so, their interaction with one another has increased tremendously. This is entertaining, except when they are so distracted by one another that they can’t focus on eating or mimic each other by spraying peas all over their trays as they raspberry at us. Yesterday, Maria was taking a turn in the jumparoo and Grant was watching her while playing on the floor. He started shaking his head back and forth rapidly. Well, Maria thought this was hilarious and busted out laughing. Of course, the more she laughed, the more he shook his head. This went on for several minutes, but stopped as soon as I had the camera available. We’ve also been readily finding them talking with one another rather than napping. Since they are able to move around better, they will position themselves on their bellies so they can see each other while in their cribs. They chit chat through a myriad of different sounds, trying to match one another in inflection and decibel level.

We also found that they actually sleep better when they nurse together during their top off before I go to bed and anytime they nurse in the middle of the night. I had started feeding them separately most of the time and we started having problems with them settling back to sleep, so went back to dual nursing at night, which solved the settling issue. It’s like they need that time to reconnect with each other since they sleep in separate cribs. It’s during these nursing sessions that they communicate via Morse code. One will pat their hand against my shoulder and the other will match it, this sometimes goes on the entire 10 or so minutes that they are nursing.

It’s not always hearts and flowers, though. We’re also starting to see some power plays when it comes to toys. We will sit them down and put several toys between them only to find all of them in front of one baby. It seems that Maria is the hoarder, although Grant does his fair share of stealing. They get mad and Jeremy and I usually give it a minute to see how it plays itself out. Sharing is something on which we’re going to have to work. In addition, they can get on each other’s nerves, especially when one is fussing in the middle of the night and wakes the other. The trick is to find out who the instigator is and calm that one. Generally, once he or she has settled, the other one calms right down.

God willing, they will have a long life together. My hope for them is the irritation they face with one another is far outweighed by the laughter and special bond they share as twins.


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