Yesterday I was sitting at a stop light, and I noticed a truck at the intersection waiting to turn onto the road I was traveling. In big letters the side panel said “NEDC”. Of course it got my attention because to me NEDC stands for National Embryo Donation Center. In this instance, NEDC stood for New England Door Closers. As I proceeded on my way, I had the following thought:

It is ironic not only that I had spotted the truck (I never heard of this company prior to this) but that part of their company name is Door Closers. To me as well as to many others, NEDC (as we refer to National Embryo Donation Center) is a Door Opener. For a few years before Jim and I actually contacted them, we were unsure what we would do with the remaining embryos we had. We just kept paying to store them for the time being, but we knew we couldn’t do that indefinitely. I had never heard of NEDC until I contacted my infertility doctor’s office to see what my options were. Once I contacted them, I realized this was the answer to our question, hence a door opening. I’m sure this must be how many couples feel when they hear of embryo adoption as an option which is possibly available to them, or in other words, an answer for their struggles with infertility.

I never could have imagined the lasting impact this one important decision would have on our lives. At the time, I felt the most important thing was that both Jim and I were ready to say yes, our family was complete, and we were in fact ready and willing to help another couple to complete theirs. The next hurdle was to be matched with another family. Who could have ever imagined all the “prizes” waiting behind the “door” we selected. Once this door was opened to us, we knew we had made the right choice by choosing to donate.

I guess what they say about opportunity is true, when one door closes, another one opens.

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