On Monday I took Natalie and Julian to the ears, nose and throat doctor so that Natalie could have her hearing test and they could make sure Julian’s ears were clear before the APR hearing test that was scheduled for Wednesday. Tracy, from Healthy Families met me there so I could have some help. Before, we went in I prayed with the twins in the car for a successful appointment. I also told them that if they did what the doctors asked then we would go to the mall for lunch and a cookie!

While Natalie was getting her hearing tested, I was telling the audiologist (a different one than did JK’s) about how Julian was having the APR test on Wednesday and how I was very concerned about if it was really necessary. She told me she would look over his file and would test him again. I am happy to report that Natalie passed the entire hearing tests and she behaved so well the doctor told me that I really needed to praise her!
After reviewing Julian’s chart she agreed to test Julian again. She then warned me that if he failed again that he did really need the APR test, which he would have to be sedated to receive. She then told me that 5-8% of children fail the test Julian had taken due to having tubes in their ears, which Julian has. This was not told to me even though I have called twice to question the legitimacy of the test! Wonderful news, Julian passed his entire hearing tests. She even did the test twice in his left ear, which he had failed previously. They did a few more in-depth tests and then declared that he would not have to have the test on Wednesday!

This is wonderful news, but I am also a bit frustrated. If I had not challenged this test and asked questions not once, but on three different occasions, then the unneeded test would have been done. If Natalie would not have had the appointment and have refused to do the test the first time around, the test most likely would not have been canceled. Not only would that have been very costly for Brian and me, but Julian would have been sedated and tested unnecessarily.

If you think your child has hearing problems, then of course all these tests should be done and if he had failed many times then I would not have been as upset. But I felt he needed to be tested again before such an invasive action to be taken. This experience tells me to always go with my instincts and to keep asking questions and keep asking until I feel comfortable with what is going on. Thanks be to God for taking care of us and giving me wisdom to keep probing.

One thought on “ANSWERED PRAYERS

  1. You are a very wise mom…kudos for listening to those wonderful mothering instincts. Just in case you are interested, is a fantastic site. God gave our bodies tons of ways to heal itself. Sometimes we intervene too quickly. Blessings to you and your family. 🙂

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