I was catching up on blogs the other day and learned that one couple found out that their twins are a boy and a girl. Of course, I think boy/girl twins are pretty fun and was excited about their news. Jeremy and I laughed, though, as we talked about one frequent comment we get when people learn we have a boy and a girl. “Oh, so then you are done.” Thank you for making that very personal decision for us. We appreciate it.

Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind that because we have a boy and a girl that our family is finished. I always pictured myself with boys and hoped that I had at least one boy. Now, this is not to offend Maria, I just thought of myself as a boy mom. When we found out at 17 weeks that we for sure had a boy cooking, I was very happy. We were pretty sure Baby B was a girl, but she was refusing to fully cooperate and show us her goods (which is a trait we hope she possesses as she gets older). I know I would have loved two girls as I would have loved two boys, and as I love one of each. But I doubt people would automatically assume our family is finished growing if we had boy/boy or girl/girl twins.

When we get the comment about our family being finished, I generally laugh and make some comment about being efficient right out of the gate, or shrug my shoulders and say “who knows?” One thing is for certain, God knows and if more children are in our future, it’ll happen according to His plan. After all, it’s worked out pretty awesome so far.

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2 thoughts on “DONE?

  1. I’m not sure what is up with people and their comments. I don’t have twins but when people heard I was having another girl the first comments were “Is your husband disappointed?” and the second”Will you try for a boy.” Wow.

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