“What is wrong with you?!?” This was the exclamation that Jeremy heard from the kitchen as I attempted to feed Grant and Maria lunch last weekend. Between the head shaking, raspberries, food throwing and general shenanigans, lunch was going anywhere but in their bellies. Jeremy has declared my cry of frustration his favorite quote from me on motherhood and laughed about it all week.

Let’s be real, sometimes being a parent stinks. Those who portray only this Pollyannic hearts and flowers view on parenthood are not being real. Some days, we just don’t want to do it and some days, we don’t think we can do it. In no way am I trying to be insensitive to those who have yet been able to have children. Despite the frustration they cause, I would not, on most days, trade them. But for those who think it’s only going to be fun and easy, you might want to get a cat or a dog instead.

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