Grant has had an eventful week. We are officially declaring him mobile as he has figured out forward motion on his belly. I knew it was coming. He figured out how to get to his belly from a seated position and once he made it to his belly, he started getting up on his knees and rocking. He gave up on moving on his knees when he realized he could just pull his body forward with his arms. He grunts with each pull, but can get across the room in very little time now. One of his first stops this weekend was to an electrical outlet. Thankfully, it’s been covered since our adoption home study visit over two years ago. After that, he made a break for the dog bowl. Time for baby cages, I mean baby gates.

From Maria, we sense frustration as she sees him now freely getting around. I suspect she’ll be on the move in short order, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the form of a seated scoot. While seated, she spins herself in circles moving to different toys or just to get a different view. If she figures out that she can use the leg that spins her around to also move her forward, she’ll be on the move too.

Not only is Grant on the move, he finally has a tooth. Well, right now, it’s just the tip, but we were starting to wonder if he was ever going to get teeth. I know we’re from Kentucky, but we generally start out with a full set. For all his drooling, he finally has something to show for it. If we could convert his drool to fuel, we’d no longer have to rely upon foreign oil. Now that he’s started, we’re curious to see how fast he pops his other teeth and he better go fast if he wants to catch up to Maria’s six. He’s taking it all in stride. Between his amber necklace and Hyland’s homeopathic teething gel, he hasn’t been too fussy about it, which is nice.

New teeth and new moves are making the Wilson house that much more fun and interesting. With a birthday just around the corner, I know that more milestones are in store. Hope Jer and I can keep up!

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