This past Sunday I went with my infertility Bible Study to be anointed with oil and be prayed over. We did this primarily for the girls who wished to conceive, but others were prayed over for various reasons, such as me in regards to the mission trip I will go on. Eight years ago, a group prayed over 15 women who were prayed for regarding children, I was not one of them, but I did live in Knoxville. So I am not sure why I did not go, but out of the fifteen, eleven gave birth and the other four adopted. Wow, what results!

I believe the power of prayer is more powerful than we can imagine. I know that when I was prayed over I felt such peace, that I cannot describe. I also felt that way when I was pregnant even through such stressful times. So many different people prayed for me as well as the NEDC every morning. I cannot express how very important that was to me.

After my transfer, with the twins, I was waiting to see if I was indeed pregnant or not. I made a prayer box. I wrapped a shoe box in baby paper and put two bows on it, a pink one and a green one. Little did I know the meaning of those bows God had led me to put on it. In the box I put my own prayers, but also any e-mails or cards I got that people would send to me to let me know they were praying for me. I even got some from people I have never met. I pray that this will be a powerful testimony to the twins as they get older.

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