Before our Disney trip I tried on two separate occasions to potty train the twins. I saw several videos and read a few books. I also took them to the store to pick out their very own underwear. That still did not make them want to wear them. A woman at church, told me to use candy as a treat if they sit on the potty and so forth. I tried that last summer and it was a complete disaster! One would cry and scream if the other got one and then they would cry and scream for more. I decided right away, I was not going to put myself through that. The next time I tried I just put them in underwear and they did not care if they were wet or dirty and Natalie refused to sit on the potty. She would cry and scream when I would try and put her on the potty. I then took a break for several months, and during the “breaks” I would always ask if they would like a turn on the potty every time I would go. They would always say the other one would go, but not the one I was asking.

The third try I got the potty Monkey who showed up at the door for Julian. He would at least sit on the potty, so I thought if I just worked with Julian, Natalie would come around. I made a potty chart, got stickers with charts they like and made a big deal about it. We read books, saw videos and taught the monkey to go potty. Then it came to them going potty. They still did not want to sit on the potty, so I took TV away and said they had to gain it back with the stickers. They no longer wanted or cared to watch TV. I tried it with everything they would ask to do, such as go outside and such. Once they knew they would have to sit on the potty to do it, they no longer wanted it! So I stopped since the resistance was so strong and thought I would try again when we got back from Disney.

Yesterday, I decided to try again. This time I did not put diapers on them at all even at night. I set the timer and we went potty every 15-20 min. Natalie would stand by the diapers and cry and scream for them, I explained to her that she was no longer a baby and that our church was in need of these diapers and we had to give them to the church. That did not help she just kept screaming and I decided to ignore it and just vacuum. Getting her to sit on the potty was huge. I decided not to back down and she just screamed and I showed her love, but still made her sit. We did a lot of hugging and holding while sitting on the potty.

She would say she needed a diaper whenever she needed to go potty. I kept my ground and am happy to say that she was so very proud of herself when she did sit on the potty and pee! She also went all night without peeing and went to the potty first thing this morning. I feel she has finally broken through the resistance to the potty. Julian I do not think knows when he has to go like Natalie, but he did well too, he even pooped in the potty! But when he got up he did not go right to the potty and then got wet, but he was dry until he woke up.

One of the books I read said to fill them full of junk food so they need to go often, so I let them drink sweet tea and eat chips. They loved the sweet tea and just kept drinking and I only have a few chips, which they ate all of. I am not sure that was healthy for them, but for one day, I think they will be fine. I am very proud of them both. I do not know how today will go, but we are done with diapers even if we have to wash and wash all day long. Cleaning was a very large part of my day yesterday, but I am glad we all are on the same page now. They are both very proud of themselves and enjoy giving Dad high fives!

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  1. I just started putting my son in underwear and just kept encouraging him and when he finally peed in the potty we celebrated. We have a sticker chart and he is happy when he gets one. There will be many accidents to come but i decided to do away diapers and only use one at night. I take him as often as I go and pay attention to his non-verbal cues. It is a learning process for both of us.

  2. PS I have heard several things on the junk food and decided not to do that. I think the best thing is to let them drink plenty of water so they will have to go.

  3. Yea for Natalie and Julian! Ours are just now getting used to wearing underwear all the time and finally don’t want pull-ups. And they are finally going on the potty without me knowing about it. Keep at it – we still have poop accidents. But I guess we are all a work in progress!

  4. I started attempting to potty train Vince at 16 months. We sang songs, read books, anything to keep him on the potty but he wouldn’t go. When he was 2 yrs. old he told me he wanted to go to the bathroom like Daddy did. I sent him to the bathroom with Willis and that was that. He never had to sit on the little potty again. I had a little trouble with Suzy because she wanted to go like Vince and Daddy but that doesn’t work very well for girls. She loved her “big girl panties” and she didn’t want to get them wet. Suzy wasn’t potty trained until she was 3 yrs. old but once she used the potty she never was wet again in the mornings. Suzy would start fidgeting when she needed to go to the bathroom so I learned to watch her behavior. She would tell me she didn’t need to go but I knew she did. Potty training takes a lot of patience but it is well worth the effort.

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