Three years ago today, I was at UT hospital giving birth to Natalie and Julian. The whole pregnancy for me was not what I would have imagined nor the delivery, since I did not get to hold them for a long time after that. Even though the pregnancy was not what I would have hoped for I would not trade my whole experience for anything.

I am such a better person since Julian and Natalie have entered into my life. I have learned how to keep going even when I did not see how I could go any longer. Motherhood has stretched me to become more compassionate, more loving and more understanding. I have also made so many mistakes, that I realize how important forgiveness is to receive, not only give. God has used Natalie and Julian to teach me so much about myself as well as my life. My love for them grows deeper with every passing day as I watch their personalities develop.

We celebrated their birthdays yesterday by going horseback riding and then to Dollywood with the grandparents and some friends. I have baked two cakes and am having family over to celebrate tonight as well. This summer we will have a pool party for them with their friends. We hoped Patty and her family could attend that, but with rising gas prices as well as flights, we may have to enjoy their company another year. No matter what we do as long as we are together, that is all that really matters to me. Forty six days in NICU was enough time to be apart, so every day we are together is a celebration.

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