On Julian and Natalie’s birthday we got up and started making their birthday cakes. Even though we are not having a party until summer, I had to do something for their big day. So they each chose a cake they wanted me to make, Natalie a Snow White and Julian a train. Brian said we could not eat two cakes alone, so I invited my family. It was a great party.

The twins were so excited all day long. Julian kept asking me to play hockey with him, while I was making his cake; he had to ask at least every 5 minutes. I told him if I played I would not get his cake done for the party and that Uncle Craig was coming (he used to be a hockey ref) and that he would play hockey with him! Julian is so cute; he uses his putter as a hockey stick.

My mom had almost always made my birthday cakes and I loved that. So I decided this year I would try and do that also. My Mom had always just used a mix and a round cake pan. My twins wanted special decorated cakes, so I tried to get what they wanted. I now know why people pay to get this done! They tasted fine; the artistic part was just a bit out of my league. I needed a different type of pan for the Snow White cake. She looks like she is in an inner-tube instead of a ball gown. I am still learning!

It was a delightful time and they had a blast. It was so fun seeing how excited they were when they opened their gifts. The next day, we had to clean out the playroom to find room for everything. It is hard to accept they are growing up and packing the baby toys away made it more real. They are at a wonderful age and I look forward to all they will do and learn this next year. I thank God for bringing this family together that I wanted for so long!

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