This past week we have done so many wonderful spring events. Last Saturday we went to the park where my cousin Katie took pictures of the twins while we hunted eggs. Then on Sunday we went to our friend Mariano’s fourth birthday party at a bounce house. On Tuesday we went to Mornings with Mommy where we learned about weather and made a rain maker! Wednesday we went to their three year check-up with great results. They are both around 25%-50% on height and Julian is the same on weight, but Natalie is more around 10% on weight. They have come a long way since the first time we saw their doctor!

Thursday we got to go to an Easter Celebration where we saw our friends Kristi and Amelia! We made picture frames, decorated egg magnets, hunted for eggs, ate lunch and played on the playground. One of the best parts was seeing the many animals from the farm. They got to hold chicks, pet bunnies, and puppies as well as a pig! That is lots of fun for city kids!

Then today we went to see Farmer Jason, from PBS, at Oak Ridge Museum with my friend Susan and her twin boys. Susan and I both forgot our camera, but were able to take a few pictures with our camera phones. This was our first official concert and Natalie was jamming. She was the first one up to dance and then she inspired others to dance as well. Julian never got his groove on, but I think he is like his Dad. It will take an act of congress to get him on the dance floor! The twins Jack and Regan got up and danced. Regan tried to dance with Natalie, but she told him she was a princess. She then asked me if I was a princess too and I replied of course I am! Then there was a dance contest and I told Natalie she needed to get up front if she was going to win. Thinking she would never go up there, but she did dragging me along with her. She was most likely the youngest, since there were several school groups there. I am sad to say she did not win, but she should have! When Natalie met Farmer Jason she told him how she is a princess and Julian is a prince, not a princess. She is always full of cute sayings. They went and did lots of crafts, had a dinosaur tell us a story, played in water and saw miniature trains.

What a great week this has been. The week has flown by fast with all our activities. Each day that I am with them I know that it is a blessing. The Bible tells us our days are numbered and only God knows the days we have left. I often think of this since I have lost so many people I love. I think I am more appreciative of the ordinary days we have due to that as well as my infertility. God reminds me every day what miracles they are!

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